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At LA ELECTRONIC we have been working on LED LIGHTING SYSTEMS for more than 20 years, and it is through the many tests and errors that we made at our beginnings that today we can offer 100% reliable and enduring lighting products. We define this science as the union between the optical systems and the electronic systems, whose functioning is directly related to the Light. when we talk about LED technology, we mean exactly the use of optoelectronics built in a product that will generate a certain amount of light for the illumination of an area.
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Driving Cities to Innovation

Given our accumulated experience in years of development and projects, we can provide you different lighting solutions with optoelectronic systems, applied to different areas such as public lighting, industry, trade, signage, home, show, and much more. We can help to maintain and modernize your lighting infrastructure and solve various infrastructure-specific on lighting issues a business may face with this specific solutions.
Optoelectronics has had a great boom in this century, due to the invention of the LED (light-emitting diode) but this science goes a little further.
Modern traffic systems are controlled from intelligent power plants, which with the right software can predict the time changes for a traffic light or a certain traffic signal reinforced with LED. Not only do we want the systems to be intelligent, able to feed through renewable energies, and be self-sustaining with the application of optoelectronics, but we can also only make more visible traffic signals, if not we expand their field of view.
SOLAR is recognized as renewable energy, that is generated or is obtained from inexhaustible natural sources, either because of the amount of energy they contain or because can be regenerated by natural means. Within these technologies, you can find some such as wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, biomass among others. AT LA we don't just offer you a product, we rather offer technological solutions that will allow you to save and generate your own energy.
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