The 2020 has been the year that has tested all computer systems in the world, servers, services, programs, web and mobile applications, web pages, everything in general has been affected, by the digital growth to which the Pandemic forced us, all systems and large companies were tested, and the result was: “That nothing is infallible” all without exception suffered crashes in their systems for x or y reasons; of course nobody was prepared for this pandemic, much less the world was prepared for an accelerated process of digitalization, all of us were caught by surprise, but it is assumed that the big ones if they have plans and strategies for this what happened to them ?

In Colombia on Mother’s Day, the large home applications did not stand up to the test or perhaps did not plan to counteract what could happen, Rappi, Ifood, Uber eats, all suffered an unprecedented collapse that day.

During the day or days without VAT, offered by the government, the websites collapsed, all online sales were affected, and the websites had endless queues of people who wanted to buy and couldn’t attend, and in the end they collapsed.

On November 25th, the services on the website of the giant AMAZON, were interrupted for several hours, and in chain, all those who use their services were 1 full day without being able to offer their services to their customers, although Amazon did not send any compensation or apologies for this, it was demonstrated that even being the most reliable of all, it can also fail.

On Monday, December 14, the giant Alphabet, with all its services Gmail, You Tube, Google, suffered a fall in their services, which although it lasted no more than 30 minutes turned on the global alarms.

What happens is that today we are very dependent on these services, well and also on technology, which we hope they can never fail, and well also because their services are not at all economic, which makes me ask myself the following question: do these giants have no competition? No one is getting similar services to theirs. We have become so dependent on web applications and services, that a collapse can take us back to the stone age? The answer, even if we don’t like it, is YES, a resounding YES, we can no longer conceive of life without you tube, without Google, without Spotify, without home applications, without buying on Amazon… In general, we may have become slaves of these services.

The answer to that question is with each one of us, which if it is clear, is that there is no one infallible, that we are all supposed to fail at some point, and that, of course, a failure must be able to lead us to a solution, especially so that it does not happen again. I have always been a lover of solution politics; that it helps me to know who was at fault, instead of concentrating on the solution, but not only the immediate solution, but also the long-term solution.

Now, I am invaded by a slightly more transcendental question. Why is it that if these large or growing companies that know what they are doing and what they are producing, they have NO shock plans or are NOT doing a double or triple, or quadruple check in this pandemic? If since the beginning of the pandemic all of their services have increased by 300%, I don’t think they have gone down much, and I don’t think they will go down much after the pandemic either, since we have gotten used to their services and their facilities. Then, since there is a constant profit thanks to their services, I would say that they should start to be like NASA or SPACE X (the fall of the N8 is not valid as a failure, because they are in a trial-and-error phase); and they make several constant checks of all their services or non-daily revisions, for hours I would say, their preventive and corrective maintenance today should have already changed, changed? I do not know, this year 2020 has brought surprises to all and has shown that we are not infallible, on the contrary, we continue to be more and more imperfect, despite our technological or cultural advances, maybe we grow a little, but unfortunately not yet enough, and so we want to go to Mars?

I think we would only bring imperfection to a planet, which is not calling us.

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Luis Bernal – Lya Electronic’s CEO