The effect of the global pandemic has caused a huge growth impact in the technology market, in just one year many IT companies around the world have been involved in an enormous growth of all their digital infrastructure resources. As a result of this great boom, it has been necessary to implement tools that guarantee the daily development is much more fluid and efficient in its different stages. That is why among the most prominent trends in the DevOps universe we can highlight the following:


In the first place, we can highlight that, due to the global demand for different technological services, cloud-based solutions are required that are quite flexible and allow constant expansion of the solution that is being created. These are not tied to the geographical area but we can even distribute them globally so that everyone has access to them, and in general with this they guarantee viability but also the possibility of scaling at any time according to user demand that require services.


The hybrid cloud allows us to handle various scenarios for the deployment of our applications, thus giving us the best of each one, in this way we can easily have our production environment implemented and manage a stage on our own servers to have greater control over the development environment while reducing service costs. This is an example with two deployment scenarios with this architecture:


Continuous growth in the part of the development of the technology stack and the implementation of good practices for each day to improve the technological environment in which we operate is of vital importance since it is an environment in constant change. Among the changes in which we can always implement improvements we find the following:

• Dev conditions

• CI / CD work processes

• Deployment designs

• Provisioning databases

• Alerts and monitoring

• Logging Audits

4. MLOps

With all the rise of Machine Learning, we must guarantee that all the advantages of DevOps are also developed within these continuous learning environments that will allow them to take full advantage and potential, that is why concepts such as MLOps come into play. This versatile concept allows us to integrate into the DevOps workflow the ability to train models automatically in such a way that we can better integrate all our development teams and take advantage of all the resources of the cloud for this practice.

5. DevSecOps

DevSecOps allows us to incorporate security into our DevOps culture as a central object, that is, between the development layer and the Operations layer, we will incorporate a security layer that will allow us to have the best practices. This term also refers to the fact of integrating that security step with our automation to protect the environment and the data in general.

This is just the beginning of many more technologies that the DevOps ecosystem offers us. Every day we can see how each of these advances allows us to be much more agile in our development and more efficient handling of the different environments we handle. At LYA ELECTRONIC we have the best development standards to guarantee that you have the best cutting-edge technology to enhance your solution safely and efficiently.

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Carlos Ayala – Systems Engineer