The buzzword, the big conflict, the votes for and against… what some people are using to make money and change concepts, and what others are struggling to keep money in their business models. In our experience we have been fortunate to do both, and our team is free to do both if they wish, however, my question about this ambiguity of which some have made a profitable business, with the offers of remote jobs, giving lectures on goal accomplishment, and looking more for their pocket than the mental health of people is: what about the DNA of the company, where it is?

I know many Freelancers, and we have customers who hired at some point Freelance, basically a Freelancer is a teleworker, with all due respect that the mode of Telework was invented with the Covid 19, causes me a big ironic smile, and I ask the question, Does the water wet?

Some of the most common complaints that I have heard from clients is that they chose to work remotely, and that many times they were left hanging, or had differences with the teleworker, in other words, not seeing people’s faces and not knowing at what time they work or not, creates distrust on the part of the one who has to pay. Let’s be realistic, with a hand on your heart, honesty first please; you really feel like an integral part of a company, where you have never set foot in the company’s offices, you don’t know who is your boss, you don’t know your co-workers, you haven’t had the opportunity to share a beer or a coffee with them, you haven’t shared any laughs or jokes with each other. Does humans were born to be alone locked up in four walls? As far as I know prisons were made for prisoners, and they also have internet access in their prisons, limited, but they do. Let’s be honest, we all need affection, why do we now see offices as barracks? Well you may not be doing the work you like, but the one you get caught up in, and for this reason you may not feel comfortable with people by your side, and I personally believe that there are cases of cases, it may be that an administrative staff is not strictly necessary to be in the office every day, even I am one of those who think that salesmen or saleswomen, should only come to the company to report their sales, but to generalize the term of Telework and want to take the whole world to this practice just to monetize you?

Recently I was visiting the facilities of We Work in my city, thinking about a future for our company, in better facilities; without advertising them, I thought it was beautiful, the atmosphere, the coffee, the people, I particularly liked it very much, I did not like the price as much as their facilities, but that is another story, what I am saying is that when you do what you like, the place where you do it is NOT unpleasant; when you have leaders instead of bosses, your place of work is not unpleasant; I repeat there are cases of cases, but please do not continue generalizing more, because home is a sanctuary; when I come home, the only thing I want is to be with my 3 daughters, and my wife, lying down, watching movies, or playing in the girls’ room, or eating, my Home is my sanctuary which is respected, even the cell phone at home, it is already a sacrilege; then you want to violate this sanctity ?

Another thing they don’t tell you about remote work is, who pays for your electricity? Who pays you for the internet? How do I measure your success or commitment to the company if you don’t even have a cup of coffee with me? Because something that touches us businessmen is to pay rent, pay air conditioning, pay services, pay for coffee, snacks, beer, and we do it at ease, because we are sharing with our community, with the family that belongs to the company, because we must take this away from people ? Why do we want to turn them into hermits? And the question that overwhelms me the most, are we thinking about their health? Is it healthy to be so lonely? does not depression come when you are alone? …. Remote or on-site, that is the question …. The one you like the most, but above all, the one that makes you happy.

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Luis Bernal Barros – A human wanting a better world.