To understand how the cloud works, and why companies use it to store data or host applications, it is important to identify the benefits that it can offer us.

Availability on demand

The most important feature of cloud computing services is their availability on demand.

These self-service characteristics allow the user, who is going to require this service, the freedom of not need to intervene in the direct configuration of cloud services such as the infrastructure of the configuration itself.

The cloud brings something that is already fully functional and that behind it has a whole department that provides support to provide the best service on demand.

Easy access through a wide network

Another essential feature of the cloud is that it can be accessed over a wide network.

This means that you can use multiple and varied types of devices, such as a laptop, mobile phone, or any device that generally has access to the internet and a browser, in order to obtain the resources that are required.

Grouping resources by user groups

A multi-user model, such as that used in cloud computing, offers multiple users the ability to share resources, but without exposing them to security risks.

In other words, privacy is maintained, such as the example of applications that are hosted in the cloud and allow multiple users to access services to take advantage of the capabilities offered in the best possible way.

Ability to scale quickly

Elasticity, or the ability to rapidly scale up or down, is necessary for cloud computing to keep pace with demand.

If an application has high volumes of traffic, the service will not be affected because additional servers will be provided automatically.

This elasticity simply means that the cloud can immediately provision or release as needed. An example of this can happen when dates such as the Black Friday approach where millions of users consume web traffic to access cloud services, when they detect this behavior, they automatically increase their capacity and decrease it when they do not need it for energetic savings.

Computer services are measurable

This means that users only have to pay per use. As such, the cloud offers metrics that allow us to monitor, control or manage the use of resources.

This encourages transparency and is a guarantee that users only pay for what they actually use.

In other words, the amount that users pay varies depending on what they consume of the services that are provided, which is a huge saving considering how tedious it would be to maintain a team with its own servers without the possibility of scaling or reducing the processing power so easily.

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