Inside the world of technology there are two creations that give life to the science that surrounds us today, each one of them was developed in different times, it is there where we ask ourselves ¿What was born first hardware or software? The evolution of the computational science world has been progressive due to the fact that with the investigations of great mathematics and physics it has been possible to give great inventions, to solve this great restlessness it is necessary to be centered in the word Hardware; this is the set of all the physical and tangible parts as they are the electronic elements: resistances, capacitors, inductors, as well as the electrical, electromechanical and mechanical components, all this gives life to an informative or embedded system, we must emphasize that one of these two creations depends on another one, now we will see that it is the software.

It is called software to that intangible part that cannot be touched, let’s imagine, the functioning of our human body, all the parts of our body, organs, extremities, etc., would be the physical and tangible part, that we can interpret as the hardware, giving life and sense to the feelings or thoughts that would be the intangible part that we can associate as the software.

All the electronic, electrical, mechanical components, circuits, electrical connections and/or memories that allow us to save data and information, are the source of the software, where the main objective is to take advantage of the internal resources of an information system (Hardware) and that is where operating systems are born, but it is important to know that the developments of these areas work together, making any technology, always having in mind that the hardware gives life to the software.

In the present-day we give a lot of importance to software, because that’s what we see, but if we stop and think for a moment, without a smartphone there would be no Apps, without a PC there would not be software either, and the Internet would not really exist.

We hire services in the Cloud, but the Cloud is nothing more than a lot of servers (hardware) with unlimited space for our dreams to be realized in a software. The best question, what would Microsoft be without IBM? Or what would the world be without Apple? We are in the trend of software startup, but all are dependent (or will be) on the hardware, without exception the modern technology world will be ruled by the hardware, as well as it will always be necessary software to make these hardware work.

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Danilo Ortega – Electronic Engineer