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Benchmarking is a theoretical-practical tool that allows companies that implement it, to analyze key indicators of their internal performance, these indicators will take into account the internal processes and their characteristics such as productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, workflow, among many other aspects. The final result of benchmarking is the identification of the strong and weak points […]



By being constantly connected in the networks, we are depositing small fragments of information, information that with its proper treatment can obtain high value. For this type of analysis, there is NLP or Natural Language Processing created a long time ago. It consists of a series of techniques that aim to analyze human communication, focused […]



Dart is Google’s new bet to create new programming languages that are simple to understand and powerful. In fact, Google has not sought to create new paradigms or milestones in this area, but is dedicated to creating parallel languages that improve the experience of another language. Dart is a programming language syntactically similar to JS, […]



NodeJS is a runtime built with Google’s v8 engine, which allows JavaScript to be run without the need to be interpreted from a browser, which has allowed the use of JavaScript to be extended beyond the development of the client side by venturing into servers, mobile applications, console applications and also to enhance frontend development […]

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