I have spoken with several people about this issue and I still do not see in many the clear concepts, when I ask: What is a smart city for you? Many imagine flying cars, buildings with futuristic shapes, people dressed in spacesuits … Everything just as Hollywood movies have transmitted it. But all completely far from reality.

Let’s start with the basic principle of: What is intelligence? “Faculty of the mind that allows us to learn, understand, reason, make decisions, and form a certain idea of reality.”

It means then that for there to be an intelligence, a brain is necessary, but this brain will also need eyes, ears, voice, hands, feet, practically everything that human beings commonly have. So the question arises, how can it be a Smart City?

The first thing we must do is to provide this city with a brain, that is, a command center that will control all its senses, and of course this command center with the necessary technology so that it can learn, that is, Computers, servers, machine learning software, Big Data, IT, etc., etc., and qualified personnel are very important so that this brain correctly performs its operations in its learning process.

Ok, every brain has a neural network, or nerves that will transmit and receive the data from the senses, if you read my previous article, there are plenty of networks I’m talking about since cities also have these networks since birth, I give you the example, we have pipeline and sewerage networks, we have electricity, we have streets and roads, we have parks (lungs), we have transportation networks…. In other words, a city was already born with these neural networks, which grow according to its growth.

However, what our cities do not have yet, and for that to better understand the concept of a smart city, is the Brain, some also do not have eyes (video), Ears (microphones), Voice (speakers)…. I think that now many are beginning to understand the concept of Smart City.

Now, what are the companies that have been working on this for years without knowing it; precisely to develop these senses and this brain that cities are going to need, which will not be one or some, if not many, each company in its practice, is trying to put its grain of sand in this concept, to install it tomorrow in cities. What there isn´t still is no one managing that all these services are able to coexist together on a future day, largely because of the spirit of competition of each (or will it be selfish?), Because it may also be so.

And this is the main reality for a Smart City to exist, the first thing that is needed is a Collaborative Culture, that is, to work together for the general common good. Whether some like it or not, to really achieve a smart city, it takes unity on all sides, otherwise, the project will unquestionably fail, and it will have spent the taxpayer’s money. To think that a Smart city can be created, orchestrated by a single company, or a single “concession” or a single person, would be the biggest mistake that any administration could make. Remember the saying “unity is strength”

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